Startling Gamblers Seized for Siphoning

Numerous gamblers roulette malaysia are a banality. For instance, a businessman indulging in wagering at table games during a business trip to Sin City, or the retired couples who splurge their pensions into the slots swapping for gratifying their appetite with buffet coupons. But who would be those bizarre and outlandish gamblers according to your imagination in live roulette malaysia?

Two Nuns

Two Nuns

The gambling penchant of Sisters Margaret Kreuper and Lana Chang was well known. They openly disclosed their numerous trips to Vegas sponsored by a rich uncle. But this anonymous rich uncle was, in actuality, the parents who were sending their children to Saint James School in Los Angeles.

The Nuns satisfied their gambling fix by siphoning cash from tuition fees and donations, stealing a colossal $ 500,000.

The Banker

Brian Molony was hired by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, examining his propensity for gambling from a young age of 10. He led a self-effacing life in Toronto unless you count the millions he pilfered and gambled.

He also established shell companies aiding people to deposit money into the casino without detection and thereby assuming the stature of a gambler’s banker. After he was caught, he served his time as a business consultant.

Swiss priest

The Priest

After forfeiting more than $1 million to gambling liability, this Swiss priest was sent to rehab. He was asked to resign from his sacred responsibility precisely because of his irresponsible behaviour, wherein he misused his position as a priest to procure loans from churchgoers to fund his gambling addiction.

The bewildering element is the church authorities’ knowledge of his gambling addiction. Instead of making the parishioners wary, they resorted to therapy, which turned out to be a failure.

He is not the first priest to be seized; there was a prior incident involving another priest in Philadelphia who embezzled $500,000 for relishing his gambling penchant.

Buddhist Monks

Though they ardently profess on satiating one’s internal happiness and tranquillity, they just could not detach themselves from the glitz and glamour of casinos. This Buddhist monk was sent to prison after siphoning $250,000 from his own temple to pamper his gambling fondness.

At the same time, Korea also witnessed a massive scandal that involved a group of monks who were taped wagering on high-stakes poker, drinking, and smoking. Within a span of 13 hours, they gambled a colossal $875,300.

Canadian MP Raj Grewal

The MP

The climax of the 2018 bore testament to the Canadian MP Raj Grewal, who stepped down from his post because he wanted to receive treatment for his problem gambling that incurred substantial personal debts for him.

The TV Producer

A plethora of celebrities is known for their notorious gambling instincts. But what makes this celebrity unique is he managed to escape his prison sentence after engaging in a game of high-stakes sports betting with a Russian mafia-operated gambling ring.

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