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Traditional error reporting approaches fall short for Eclipse-based tools and applications. In contrast, Ctrlflow’s duplicate detection algorithms are optimized for Eclipse. They handle all important Eclipse peculiarities like OS-dependent stack frames, IStatus and MultiStatus logging patterns, and SWT's event-based control flow with ease.

Easily installed in a few minutes without writing code

Simply connect the Eclipse Error Reporting Client with your personal Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting server. Just use an Eclipse extension point. There is no need to write any code on either client- or server-side. And what's more: The ready-made client already comes with numerous advanced features like notifications, client-side error analyses, and anonymization options for free.

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With Ctrlflow, the hurdle of users providing you with a software problem can be reduced to a minimum. Any error can be sent with a single click. Upon request, error reports can also be created and sent fully automatically, so your users are even relieved of that burden.

Significantly shorter bugfix cycles

With Automated Error Reporting, no more software bugs remain undiscovered. When a problem occurs, you will be notified automatically. This means that critical software bugs can be eliminated quickly, and updates can even be rolled out within a few hours.

New level of Customer Satisfaction

Ctrlflow helps you to stay in touch with your customers by automatically notifying them about all status changes from bug creation until the problem gets fixed, and thus, gives your customers back the great feeling and trust in your product.

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