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Perform targeted searches

Using the context menu, Codesearch allows you to perform targeted searches. Right click within the Java Editor, the Package Explorer, or the Project Explorer to view a selection of context-dependent searches.

Ctrlflow Code Search – perform targeted searches

Linked mode search

Codesearch's Linked Mode automatically searches while you code. Just start typing in your Java Editor to get lightning fast, context-sensitive search results.

Ctrlflow Code Search – Linked mode search

Full text search

Perform full text searches by using the Codesearch View's search bar. Codesearch will perform a comprehensive search through all expressions, declarations, argument lists, and string literals (see next page).

Ctrlflow Code Search – Full text search

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String literal search

Full Text Search also provides a String Literal search. You can use three special characters to help you narrow your search: * acts as a wildcard, and ^ or $ allow you to anchor your search to the start or end of the literal.

Ctrlflow Code Search – String literal search

Organizing results

Don't get lost in large codebases. Codesearch’s grouping options allow you to quickly organize your results. Using its filtering options you can further target your search to focus on the results you really need.

Ctrlflow Code Search – Organizing results

Smart aggregation

Codesearch’s smart aggregation feature displays only the essence of each result. This allows you to quickly identify common coding patterns.

Ctrlflow Code Search – Smart aggregation

Access results outside of your workspace

Codesearch catalogs allow you to access results outside of your workspace. Just visit the Ctrlflow > Codesearch > Catalogs preferences and pick the catalogs you need.

Ctrlflow Code Search – Access results outside of your workspace

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