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Leverage the power of machine learning applied to source code to drive instant insights and speed up your development. Seamlessly integrated into your development environment.

1. Intelligent Content Assist

Make content assist your guide through complex APIs

Content assist is a programmer’s primary means to explore an API. But it can’t guide you how to use an API correctly. Ctrlflow’s Intelligent Content Assist can. By analyzing your codebase it learns how your teammates have successfully used the API before. Content assist thus immediately points you in the right direction and prevents you from making mistakes.

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2. Self-learning Bug Detection

Find bugs other bug detection tools can’t find

Bug detection tools like FindBugs offer rule sets for common Java coding issues only. Hence, they fail to detect misuses of your own APIs. Ctrlflow Insights’ bug detection automatically learns constraints for your own code and uses them to detect bugs which you would otherwise never find with existing bug detection tools.

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Ctrlflow’s tools integrate with the Eclipse IDE

3. Data-mined Documentation

Let your code document itself

Many details of your code are worth documenting. But much documentation can be inferred from code automatically. Save your time and stop documenting those details whose documentation Ctrlflow Insights can derive automatically from your code. Best of all, since the documentation is data-mined it never becomes outdated. Just re-run Ctrlflow Insights to get the latest documentation of your APIs.

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4. Smart Code (Examples) Explorer

Get more insights than plain code search can deliver

77% of all developers use code search as their primary means to learn how to use an API. But your IDE’s code search merely shows you the plain occurrences of, e.g., a method call or type. In contrast, Ctrlflow Insights’ smart code explorer can cluster code blocks by different criteria. It further allows you to sort those clusters by frequency and, thus, helps you to quickly spot common usage patterns in your code.

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5. Concise Code Visualizations

Make risks transparent to your management

Communicating technical risks comprehensibly to the management can be challenging. Ctrlflow Insights offers numerous software analyses, ranging from code metrics to results mined from your version control system, and displays them as interactive, explorable code cities.

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Codecity visualization

No need to learn new tools

Ctrlflow’s developer front-end is tightly integrated with the most popular Java IDE, Eclipse. It enriches the existing code completion by highlighting key API elements, extends its built-in code search by numerous long-missed search capabilities, and provides additional details in the Javadoc view. But your IDE will still look the same. It’s just better than ever before.

Ctrlflow’s tools integrate with the Eclipse IDE

How do I convince my manager?

Four reasons why to use Ctrlflow Insights in your team

How do I convince my manager?


Spread knowledge evenly across the whole team

Parts of the system that are known to a few developers only are a potential risk. Ctrlflow spreads the knowledge about the code evenly across your team, and thus, makes everyone an expert for the whole system – not just parts of it.


Bring new team members on board faster

Training new team members is expensive – no matter whether they are consultants, new hires, or employees changing teams. Give your new talents the tools to become confident with your code, prevent avoidable mistakes, and get productive from the beginning.


Keep your code quality high

Software rots over time. Support your maintenance teams and let Ctrlflow keep your documentation always up-to-date, detect changes introducing new bugs, and remind developers about your company’s coding styles whenever needed.


Don‘t pay for tools that don‘t work

Ctrlflow already returns your investment if it saves your developers just a minute a day. Ask your developers how much time they will save with Ctrlflow Insights and calculate your company‘s savings yourself.

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