Ctrlflow by Codetrails revolutionizes code search in Eclipse

On October 26th Ctrlflow, a plugin for the Eclipse IDE, redefined the way Java developers search for and analyze code snippets in the popular development environment.

Darmstadt, October 26th, 2015

Ctrlflow (pronounced “controlflow”) is the new specialized code search plugin for Eclipse. The tool revolutionizes the way Java developers search for and analyze code snippets. The software runs directly in the Eclipse IDE and adapts intelligently to the individual codebase of each Java developer. It analyzes and indexes the user’s entire workspace. And Java developers can even expand their search to include code snippets for popular libraries. Currently supported libraries include Mockito, Hamcrest, Apache Commons I/O, Apache HttpComponents, JavaFX and Google Guava as well as the Eclipse platform.

“Java developers currently spend half their development time searching for and analyzing code snippets,” says Marcel Bruch, founder and CEO of Darmstadt-based Codetrails, the developer of Ctrlflow. “We recognized a clear potential for optimizing all the available ways of searching for code snippets in Eclipse. Ctrlflow provides code search that is much faster and more powerful than the original Eclipse search engine or alternative solutions. Java developers thus save valuable time.”

With Ctrlflow, Java developers can search for method arguments, references to methods or specific strings in the code—the Eclipse plugin returns results in milliseconds and even includes expressions, type casts and string literals.

Unlike currently available solutions, Ctrlflow can be used directly within Eclipse. Java developers can finally use a fast and specialized code search solution without having to leave their preferred development environment. “With more than 4 million searchable code snippets, our code search offers a comprehensive database that is constantly growing,” says Bruch, explaining another of the software development tool’s competitive advantages. With Ctrlflow’s special preview function, Java developers can also view all the snippets including the surrounding code.

To celebrate the launch of their software, Codetrails is making the plugin available for free. Visit the product website to download a trial version. After installing it, Java developers can use the full functionality of the plugin for free for 30 days, no strings attached.

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