How to Install Ctrlflow in Eclipse

There are several ways to integrate Ctrlflow into your Eclipse IDE. This brief guide makes the installation and activation easy.

Eclipse Marketplace Installation

Install Ctrlflow via Drag & Drop


  1. Drag the INSTALL BUTTON into your Eclipse IDE while it’s running.
  2. After the DROP, the installation will begin automatically.
  3. Then just follow the installation dialog.

Install Ctrlflow via Marketplace Search


  1. Switch to the Eclipse Marketplace.
  2. Enter "Ctrlflow" in the FIND field.
  3. And then just click INSTALL.

Ctrlflow Update Site Installation

Install Ctrlflow via Copy & Paste


  1. Open the INSTALL NEW SOFTWARE… dialog in Eclipse.
  2. Paste the URL of the update site into the WORK WITH field.
  3. Select the Ctrlflow feature.
  4. And then click FINISH to begin the installation.

Update Site URL:

Software Setup

After installing Ctrlflow and restarting, Eclipse will automatically open the Code Search view and acquire a 30-day trial license.

Start Code Search

Start Code Search!

You can now begin searching for code. Just click START CODE SEARCH!

A Few More Tips to Get You Started

Standard Installation

If you would like to configure the standard installation, just launch the SETUP WIZARD from the Code Search view’s menu. The wizard will then lead you through all the available options.

CPU Performance

Ctrlflow indexes your code in the background. For large workspaces, please ensure that you make enough processor resources available so that Ctrlflow does not affect other processes running in parallel.