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Why Ctrlflow?

Because developers spent 51% of their time reading and understanding code.

Reuse of software components is key to modern software development, allowing the construction of ever more complex systems. But reuse does not come for free. Before developers can effectively reuse or extend a component, they spend hours reading documentation, tutorials, and real-world examples.

Ctrlflow supports developers learning and remembering how to use these components and thus speeds up your team and helps you reduce software development costs.

— Ko et al. An Exploratory Study of How Developers Seek, Relate, and Collect Relevant Information during Software Maintenance Tasks. IEEE TSE vol. 32, no. 12, 2006

Developers Spend 51% of Their Time Reading and Understanding Code

How it works

The knowledge of how to use a software component is hidden within existing code. Ctrlflow extracts this knowledge and makes it available to your team.

Ctrlflow analyses both popular Open Source repositories and your company’s in-house repository, and extracts common code usage patterns and best practices as knowledge bases. These knowledge bases power Ctrlflow’s pioneering code search, its intelligent content assist and its bug detection tools. Together, these tools cut the time developers spend reading code and documentation and reduce the number of bugs caused by an insufficient knowledge of a reusable software component.

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How Ctrlflow Works

What Makes Ctrlflow Different?

Existing IDEs only show you what you can do.
Ctrlflow helps you decide what you should do.

Today’s Java IDEs like Eclipse and IntelliJ only offer limited support when it comes to learning new software components. Developers are forced to hunt for and make sense of the information shown by the IDE. Ctrlflow, instead, assists these tasks by crawling the Web or in-house code repositories and applying state-of-the-art data analysis to that raw information.

By extracting the essence how to properly reuse a component and presenting it to the developer, Ctrlflow helps developers learning and remembering the relevant usage rules, patterns, and best practices and thus speeds up their development.

Ctrlflow is thus the perfect addition to your Java IDE.

Ctrlflow Helps You to Make Decisions

Which Ctrlflow edition do I need?

Whether you do large-scale in-house development or build on popular Open Source technologies, Ctrlflow can help.

Ctrlflow comes in several editions tailored to different needs. If you build large software systems in-house and want to build knowledge bases for it, the Pro Edition is for you and your team. If you are primarily building on Open Source technologies, then we recommend the Starter Edition. If you want to roll out Ctrlflow in a corporate environment or need custom solutions, ask us about the Enterprise Edition.

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Overview of the Ctrlflow Editions

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